HOUSE REPAIRS 101 – Part 4/8

HOUSE REPAIRS 101 – Reset The Electrical Power
(Part 4/8)

Welcome back as we continue with the 4th segment of our HOUSE REPAIRS 101 Series covering the topic of resetting your home’s electrical power…

When the power goes out in a part of your home, it most likely means a circuit breaker has tripped, shutting off power to an electrical circuit. Usually, this is caused by an overload, meaning too many electrical devices are attempting to draw power from one circuit.

Most homes have electrical panels with circuit breakers vs. fuses. Circuit breakers are switches that “trip or switch off” when there’s a problem with a circuit. Resetting one isn’t rocket science, but there is a little trick to it. You need to flip the switch all the way off first before you can turn it back on.

As a precaution, it is a good idea to turn off or unplug the devices that are plugged in the circuit before you reset it. When the power is back on, it might be a good idea to plug some of the devices into a different receptacle so not to cause an overload again.

On occasion, a circuit may switch off because a ground fault interrupter (GFI) has tripped on a receptacle. You can fix that by pushing the reset button on the receptacle. GFI receptacles are usually found near water, such as in bathrooms and kitchens.

Keep in mind that if a circuit breaker continues to trip even though you have reduced the electrical load, you could have a bigger problem and a potential safety hazard. We recommend that you call a licensed electrician as soon as possible…

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We all know that most homes don’t come with instruction manuals. Without a doubt, little emergencies are bound to happen with home-ownership and NEW homeowners, especially, may not be equipped to deal with them…

We hope you found the 4th of 8 segments regarding “HOUSE REPAIRS 101” informative and interesting… Watch for our next BLOG POST in 2 weeks covering how to Unclog a Toilet.

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Until then… it’s all about YOU!