Investment Homes

Investment Homes

Buy A “Wealth-Creating” Investment Property With Our Experienced TEAM

HOMES IN THE SUN TEAM recognizes that real estate is cyclical in nature. With that knowledge, we expanded our market reach to include the “investment side” of single family residential real estate. Understanding that our Hernando County economic environment can also be affected by changes in those cyclical fluctuations, our team also realizes that such a scenario may open up opportunities on other levels, namely “residential income-producing properties”. In 2013, Gail obtained the OICP (OwnAmerica Investment Certified Professional) certification which focuses on understanding real estate principles for building “long-term wealth” using real estate investments as “long-term assets”.

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    When considering investing in single family residences, two well-known strategies to accomplish this are “Buy and Hold” or “Flipping”. Each has its own pros and cons. Below are some of the significant reasons for purchasing single family residences as incoming-producing properties as “wealth-creating vehicles”:

    • If interest rates increase, potential homes buyers may find that they can no longer qualify for a home mortgage based on their debt-to-income ratios. Therefore, many will turn to renting vs buying.
    • When deciding which investment property to buy and how YOU will manage that “long-term asset, YOU are in direct control, unlike investing in the stock market.
    • As you build your investment portfolio, and, as you use your rental income to pay down your debt on the properties, your “long-term wealth” increases over time.
    • For the disciplined investor, buying real estate is a very skillful way to build and protect your long-term net worth and increase your equity growth.

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    Whatever your need, we have the best tools and resources at our fingertips to help you find THE perfect investment home in Hernando County.

    Invest in Hernando County real estate with HOMES IN THE SUN TEAM.

    Customer Reviews

    Highly Likely To Recommend
    August 1, 2023 - Michael and Karen Connors
    6/2023 Sold a Silverthorn Home in Spring Hill FL for $545,000
    Source: RealSatisfied
    Gail was amazing, from start to finish, as the whole experience was great. She has been selling real estate for years and she has a beyond-great reputation. She gets everything done on t... More

    Highly Likely To Recommend
    August 1, 2023 - Brian and Christa Puzycki
    7/2023 Sold a Silverthorn Villa in Spring Hill FL for $286,950
    Source: RealSatisfied
    Gail did a fantastic job representing us – she is the ultimate professional and extremely diligent from your first visit up until closing. If you need an agent – Gail is your... More

    Highly Likely To Recommend
    July 29, 2023 - John and Eugena O'Cull
    7/2023 Purchased a Southern Hills Home in Brooksville FL for $349,900
    Source: RealSatisfied
    Tina worked with me for several months patiently waiting while my family event through some crisis. She watched for homes that would meet the needs of our handicapped s... More