8 Outrageously Bad Home Staging Decisions – Part 3

Explore 8 Outrageously Bad Home Staging Decisions That Sellers Make – Part 3 of 4

Welcome back as we continue the 3rd segment of our series of Outrageously Bad Home-Staging Decisions That Sellers Make!

Explore the 5th and 6th of the “8 biggest staging sins” that sellers can make and some common-sense advice to help avoid these pitfalls before it costs them a sale.

#5 – The Lived-In Look

When a home hits the market for sale, it must be immaculate and “show-ready” every day. Buyers viewing the home should feel as if no one lives there. That means: no toothbrushes or curling irons, prescriptions, paperwork or dirty dishes should be in sight.

Is this difficult to keep up with on a daily basis? ABSOLUTELY! However, you would be amazed at the negative impression it makes on buyers when even just a few personal toiletries or dirty dishes are left in view. Striking a balance between clean and lived-in can be a fine-line.

Amazingly Good Home-Staging Strategy
  • Have a system in place for putting everything away each morning before leaving for the day.
  • Assess and handle all the kitchen, bathroom and daily hot spots in anticipation of daily showings.
  • Style your dining room table. For a casual but refined look, try lining up a series of smaller vessels down the center of the table.
  • Think vases of cut flowers, a basket of fresh market produce on the kitchen counter or a bowl of lemons beside the sink.
#6 – Closet Cramming

Words to the wise: Out of sight is definitely not out of mind. Storage space for the typical homebuyer is always top on their wish-list. No doubt, buyers will open and take a peek in those crammed closets in an effort to evaluate how the home ranks for storage. Keep in mind, if huge closets are stuffed to the gills, buyers wonder how they’ll ever be able to manage with so little closet space. Closet space can be a make-it-or-break-it selling point.

Amazingly Good Home-Staging Strategy
  • This is the perfect opportunity to sell, donate or throw out things that are no longer needed.
  • Beautifully organized closets create an impression of an orderly life in the home.
  • The goal should be for 20% to 30% open space in each closet to give the impression of spaciousness.
  • Think about utilizing an off-site storage unit. Remember… it is only temporary.

We hope you found this 3rd segment of our series of 8 OUTRAGEOUSLY BAD STAGING DECISIONS to be informative and interesting… Watch for our next BLOG POST on August 11th as we conclude this series…

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