7 Secrets To Staging a Home That BUYERS WILL LOVE – Part 1 of 2

Skillful staging can make ALL the difference in the world between a quick sale and one that languishes on the market for months … Check out our “Staging Secrets” that will help make YOUR HOME the ONE that BUYERS WILL LOVE!

1. Remove Quirky Décor and Personal Keepsakes

Packing away personal items is one of the simplest and cheapest tasks AND the MOST DIFFICULT FOR SELLER TO DO! This will absolutely help sell a home as it de-personalizes the space and enables prospective buyers to imagine it as their future home. SO, dust off and pack away those wedding photos, Precious Moments figurines and prized collectibles. This process will help you begin to let go of the home emotionally by removing distractions that keep the buyers from being focused on the house and not “your stuff”. You want buyers to begin to imagine moving in and how they will setup their new home.

2. Reduce, Remove and Clear Away Clutter

OK … It’s time to clear the horizontal surfaces – no more piles of mail on the desk or table, no more pill bottles on the bathroom or kitchen counters! Too much “stuff” strewn throughout a home makes it feel smaller, darker and cramped. Eliminating clutter is another way to get buyers focused on the “bones of the home”, not the titles in your CD collection. Create the feeling of more visual square footage by purging closets, cabinets and built-ins. Remove any unnecessary area rugs as they break up the space and tend to shrink a room. You don’t want “cozy” to be perceived as “cramped”. TIP: One of the biggest mistakes a seller can make is to fail to see their home as “real estate”. It is vital for sellers to keep in mind that “clutter eats equity”, thereby holding back offers and sales opportunities. It is essential for sellers to realize their home is a “marketable product” as soon as it hits the market.

3. Clean, Scrub and Deodorize

We all live with a few dust bunnies, some more than others. However, noticeable dirt and grime will give the impression that a home is not well-maintained or cared-for. Hire a cleaning service to deep-clean, if necessary. Remember, it’s the little details that count SO pay special attention to windows, light fixtures, ceiling fans, plant shelves, sliding glass door tracks, etc. Before each showing, wipe down surfaces with an all-natural cleaning product to avoid heavy chemical odors. The faint scent of furniture polish or cleanser gives buyers the impression of cleanliness. We ALL love our pets, but unpleasant pet odors can make a very negative first impression. Be sure to replace old carpet that can trap offensive and unpleasant pet odors and replace it with new carpet in a neutral color.

We hope you found Part 1 of our series to be helpful, informative and interesting … Be sure to watch for Part 2 of our series, 7 Secrets to Staging a Home That BUYERS WILL LOVE.

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